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Academic Publishing: Using Write-N-Cite

Using Write-N-Cite

Write-N-Cite is an MS Word plug that allows you to create in-text citations in your papers. Note: To use Write-N-Cite you will need to download and install it onto your computer. Write-N-Cite is compatible with both PCs and Macintoshes. Also compatible with Word 97-2003 and Word 2007 documents.

    1. To download Write-N-Cite, click on Tools on the toolbar, then select Write-N-Cite. A Web page will appear with instructions to download and install the plug-in.
    2. Once installed, the Write-N-Cite button will appear in your MS Word toolbar (in Word 2007, it will appear under the Add-ins Tab) or as a Write-N-Cite Icon on your desktop.
    3. Click on the button to launch Write-N-Cite. It will open a new window on top of your paper and ask you to log in. After logging in with your RefWorks login and password, you will see a list of your references. 
      • Note: You can keep the Write-N-Cite window always visible by checking the box at the top of the window that says  "Always on top."
    4. Click on View in the Write-N-Cite tool bar, then Folder to choose the folder that contains the references you need to insert in your paper.
    5. In your Word document, place the cursor in the text where you need to insert a citation. Then, click on Cite to the left of the reference you are citing. A placeholder (that looks like this: {{109 Greene, Andy 2007}} ) will appear in your text. This placeholder connects your paper to your RefWorks account.
    6. After you have entered all the placeholders into your paper and saved your document a final time, click on Bibliography on the Write-N-Cite toolbar. Choose your Output Style and click on "Create Bibliography".
    7. The placeholders in your paper and a bibliography have been formated in the style you choose.
    8. Proofread and save your paper.