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Academic Publishing: Evaluating Academic Journals

Journal Rankings & Acceptance Rates

These resource will help you evaluate scholarly journals in your field.  Information provided includes the acceptance or rejection rates, length of time for the peer review and publication process. You will find out how many manuscripts are accepted compared to the total number of manuscripts submitted. You will also find out the impact factor of a particular journal based mainly on the journal's citation reports.


"Altmetrics is an emerging category of impact measurement premised upon the value of 'alternative metrics,' or metrics based distinctly on the opportunities offered by the 21st century digital environment. Originally defined in contrast to the more established field of bibliometrics, altmetrics is fast becoming a fluid area of research and practice, in which various alternative and traditional measures of personal and scholarly impact can be explored and compared simultaneously." Borchardt, Roemer. Keeping Up With ... Altmetrics, ACRL