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Academic Publishing: Adding References


Users can manually type references into their RefWorks account.

1l Click on  located under the toolbar, near the top of the page.

2. Select a format (such as APA 6th or MLA 7th) from the drop down menu next to View fields used by.  Then, underneath the output style, choose the Folder you want the reference to be added to. Next, choose the Ref Type or Reference Type (i.e. article, book, etc.).

3. Enter the reference, or citation, information in the fields provided. You can access additional fields by clicking the Additional Fields link at the bottom, left-hand side of the page.

4. Click on Save Reference when finished.

Direct Export from Databases

"Direct export" from databases: Many databases provide a "direct export" function that allows you to add a citation or group of citations for items you find in a database directly to RefWorks without having to save any files to import manually. This allows you to get the citations for articles you have found in one of our databases directly into RefWorks without having to enter the data manually.  NOTE: You will still need to check this information to ensure it is correct.

To use direct export:

  1. Mark/tag or save to folder the citations you want to add to RefWorks.
  2. Find and click on the Save, Export, Send to, or Download link or icon in the database (these options are different across our databases), then choose the "Direct Export to RefWorks" or "Save to RefWorks" option.
  3. The RefWorks login screen will appear. Login to your RefWorks account. RefWorks will display the message "Importing references, please wait...", and when finished will display "Import completed - [x] reference(s) imported," and a View Last Imported Folder link. You can then move the citation(s) into a folder of your choice in RefWorks.

Exporting Records from the Catalog

  1. Search CUNYPlus+ and click in the boxes for the titles you wish to import into RefWorks. Scroll to the top of the page  and click on Save/Mail/Export.
  2. Next to Record format use the drop-down menu to select Full View.  Leave the other boxes blank, and click Go.
  3. Click Export to RefWorks.
  4. RefWorks will open to the Last Imported Folder.  Click to view this folder, and move the citations to the folder(s) you wish to put the citation in.