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Library Mission and Goals

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Kurt R. Schmeller Library

Queensborough Community College


All Members of Queensborough Community College will have access to high-quality information and possess the critical thinking skills to use it effectively.


The Kurt R. Schmeller Library serves the learning, teaching and research needs of Queensborough Community College. We:

  • Create hospitable physical and virtual environments for teaching, learning and research
  • Teach patrons to locate, evaluate and use information successfully
  • Embrace diversity in all its forms
  • Preserve the cultural heritage of QCC
  • Deliver excellent customer service to QCC members and the wider community
  • Provide the knowledge and technology resources to enhance learning
  • Work collaboratively with other QCC departments to maximize student learning 


  • To increase the number of students who receive information literacy instruction
  • To improve the quality of library instruction and to assess student learning in library sessions
  • To investigate incorporation of the ACRL Framework into IL instruction at QCC
  • To contribute to an increase in faculty scholarship by providing education for faculty members regarding data management and possible venues for publication in the disciplines and in community college pedagogy
  • To provide library resources needed by faculty members for their scholarship and teaching
  • To contribute to the college mission of offering an affordable education by assisting faculty members who are converting courses to OER/ZTC
  • To prepare library staff and systems for conversion to the new library system, Alma