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Library Display: 2015 - March - Women's History


Hi Everyone,    

You are invited to come into the Library to view our new display, “Celebrating Women’s History.”  It features women of the past and present that have shown extraordinary strength , courage, and nobility of spirit to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness .  Included is the great mathematician, Emmy Noether, introduced via e-mail by Dr. Dinah Moche, as well as Dr. Moche’s  booklet on women in the field of physics.  A quiz on women’s history is also presented with answers available at the reference desk.  In addition  quotations expressing important ideas of these women are provided.

Once again we are indebted to Dr. Barbara Bonous-Smit for the use of dolls from her extensive collection to enhance the exhibit, and to Senior CLT, Lawrence Chan, for his professional  photographs of the presentation.  And we want to express our thanks to work study students, Adrena West and Roxana Gheorghiu,  and CLT,  Danny Li, for their invaluable help in putting the display together, along with work study students, Diana Naula, and Marzieh Nassiri, who provided additional assistance.

We hope everyone will have the opportunity to come in to enjoy our exhibit.  While you are here, you may want to take advantage of our popular “Buy One, Get One Free” book sale that will continue throughout the spring semester.  You may also want to pick up a free book or check out one of our great new books.  And you can also take a peek at our wonderful new “Silent Study Room.”

For those that want to celebrate April, not as Eliot’s “cruelest month,” but as poetry month, a cart of new poetry books is available beside the “New Book” bookcases.