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Library Display: 2018 - Spring - Barbara Bonous-Smit, Women's History Month, and Black History Month

Library Displays - Spring 2018

Everyone is invited to come into the Library to view our new exhibit. In recognition of all that she contributed to our Library, our School and our World, this exhibit is presented as a tribute to Dr. Barbara Bonous-Smit.   Representing what she loved and valued, the display focuses on music, as well as doll- collecting, bird- watching, the empowerment of women, black history and library resources. It is lovingly dedicated to her memory.

Library Display - A Tribute to Barbara Bonous-Smit

photo from display of Barbara Bonous-Smit
tribute text 1 of 2
tribute text 2 of 2
collage of images and text
photo in display of Barbara Bonous-Smit with Connie Williams
librarians at QCC
image from collage
a photo of Barbara and a teddy bear
image of Barbara
image of barbara

Library Display - Women's History Month and Black History Month

dolls of musicians
photo of 3 library display cabinets
image of a book cover
image of a book cover
Maya Angelou poster
Celebrate Women's History poster
wine glass and books
text that reads: women inspiring hope and possibility
drawing of birds tweeting and music cd's