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Library Display: 2014 - October - Hispanic Culture

Hispanic Culture Library Display - Oct 2014 - Jan 2015

Everyone is invited to come into the Library and view our new exhibit, “A Celebration of Hispanic Culture,” featuring Spanish literature, art, music, food, history and people who have made a difference.

We want to thank Lampeto (Bette) Efthymiou and the International Student Club for  providing Hispanic  country flags; students, Jasmin Allen, Roxana Gheorghiu, and Diana Naula for their invaluable assistance in putting the exhibit together, as well as Danny Li and Lawrence Chan (display photographer) for continuing to offer their help whenever it is needed.  We also want to express our appreciation to Carmita Semanate and Devin McKay for providing the beautiful artifacts and to Dr. Barbara Bonous-Smit for once again letting us use dolls from her wonderful collection.

The Art Gallery also has a current exhibit featuring a Mexican artist, Jeronimo Lopez  September 29, 2014 through February 5, 2015.

We hope you will enjoy our new exhibit, as well as the Art Gallery exhibits.  And while you are here, you might select a book to check out and read – either from our great collection of new books, or from the books on display.  We will remove any book from the exhibit if you want to take it out.  All you have to do is ask.

Hispanic Culture Library Display Gallery