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Communication Arts: Journals and
Popular Magazines

You will find a list of resources including books, websites, periodicals, and other multimedia resources to guide you in your search for academic and popular research in the Communication Arts.

Popular Entertainment and Film Magazines

Film Magazines

Box office results, top ten, movie reviews.

Selected articles from the magazine on the art and politics of the cinema.

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Online UK film magazine. Find reviews, features and interviews for new cinema and dvd releases, articles on independent, low-budget and regional filmmaking, more.
Australian movie magazine offering film reviews by visitors to the site.

Features news, reviews, top movies, upcoming releases, box office results (UK), forum, and more.

Presents collection of essays, reviews, commentary, and discussion about cinema.

Eye For Film
UK site with movie reviews, news, critique and festival coverage.

Film Comment
Quality magazine providing articles on films old and new, foreign and domestic, narrative and documentary.

Film Journal
Movie reviews, news, and interviews for Hollywood, indie, and foreign films.

Film Scope
Reviews on latest foreign films and independents. Site is mainly focuing on audience in the UK.

Film Threat
Covers cult films, underground shorts, alternative films and independent features.

Filmink Magazine
Provides film news and gossip, movie reviews, video and DVD releases, Australian and international film industry information.

Filmmaker Magazine
Presents an insider's perspective on the world of independent filmmaking, including: interviews, case studies, financing and distribution information, festival reports, technical and production updates, and more.

Films in Review
Online version of the oldest film magazine in the US. Find reviews, interviews and feature articles.

Future Movies
British movie review guide features profiles of new movies, cinema releases and latest DVD reviews.

Guardian Unlimited Film
Film news and reviews from the Guardian and Observer newspapers.

Hollywood Reporter
Newspaper providing movie reviews, box office info, entertainment and celebrity news, more.

iF Magazine
US magazine on indie filmmaking.

Images Journal
Quality reviews and analytical articles on old and recent movies, and popular culture.

Inside Film
Provides news and information on the world's film festivals.


Film Journals

  •   Film and Fiction for French Historians: A Cultural Bulletin  
  •   Film & history 
  •   Film comment  
  •   Film criticism  
  •   Film culture 
  •   Film journal (Pickerington, Ohio)  
  •   Film journal international 
  •   Film Quaterly
  •   Films in Review
  •   Filmkultura

    Entertainment Magazines


    • Premiere Magazine
      Interviews, movie reviews, independent film coverage, and a behind the scenes look at Hollywood.
    • Movie news, reviews, and speculation. (Cinematic Happenings Under Development)
    • Tribute
      Movie and actor info; features showtime listings all across Canada.
    • MovieJuice
      Bursting the bubble of the Hollywood hype machine.
    • Creative Screenwriting
      Magazine for writers of feature films and television.
    • scr(i)pt Magazine
      Includes contests, live chat events, and online classes.
    • Astounding B Monster, The
      Specializes in cult movies.
    • Make-Up Artist Magazine
      Features cover stories and articles on entertainment industry makeup artists, innovative make-up techniques, current product news, and more.
    • FilmInk
      FilmInk is an Australian movie magazine which covers local and international film news, reviews, and releases.
    • Urban Cinefile
      The world of film in Australia. Updated every Thursday.
    • Uncut
      Covering cult movies and music. 
    • Inside Film Magazine
      Includes a directory of the world's film festivals.
    • Kinoeye
      Exploring European cinema from a regionally biased perspective. Includes film reviews, interviews with directors or other industry players, analytical articles, and more.
    • Hotdog
      News, features, reviews, interviews, chat, and more from the U.K. film magazine.
    • Fade In: Magazine
      Film magazine for screenwriters. Interviews and articles covering the creative and professional aspects of working, writing, and sucking up in Hollywood.
    • @NZone
      Features news, reviews, chat, and more on movies, music, and TV.

    More Film and Media Popular magazines

    Intelligent UK magazine that mainly concentrates on arthouse and independent films.

    Hollywood's movie satire site.

    Magazine explores the various aspects of filmmaking from the perspective of the filmmakers themselves.

    Guide to independent film and filmmaking from around the world.

    Features Hollywood movie news, reviews and previews, celebrity interviews and inside stories.

    International magazine packed with information on the latest big screen movies.

    Rotten Tomatoes
    Reviews and previews of Hollywood movies and videos from the nation's critics.

    Online edition of the bollywood weekly magazine offering Indian movie news and interviews with stars.

    Daily film industry news from around the globe, reviews from the world's leading festivals and box office comment from every major territory.

    Sight and Sound
    Well-known magazine from the British Film Institute. Features top ten movies, the best film music, in-depth interviews, retrospective articles and news.

    Popular UK music and film magazine. Features hundreds of music and movie reviews, interviews and ne