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Communication Arts:

You will find a list of resources including books, websites, periodicals, and other multimedia resources to guide you in your search for academic and popular research in the Communication Arts.

The Power of Information

This is the "information age." Information is more readily available in many different formats than ever before. How will we search through and manage this information flow? Organizing a search is one way to explore the possiblities of information. 

Will you:

  • search for a book
  • look at an ebook
  • find journal articles in databases
  • evaluate websites
  • borrow a media resource

Welcome to the Communication Arts Libguide!

Welcome to the Communication Arts, Film, TV guide

In this guide you will find many resources to help your study and research in Film, TV and media. There is also a range of learning tools to help you to develop your research and study skills.

History of Media