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ARTH100 Prof. Lien: Newspaper Articles / Subscription information

News Databases

Online Access to the New York Times

The New York Times for online access to its current issue. Non-subscribers have access to 10 articles per month before being asked to pay.

All of CUNY has access to the current content of the New York Times through LexisNexis, but this database does not have a browse function. The content of the New York Times can be searched in LexisNexis from 1980 to the present.

To see content from the current issue of the newspaper:

  1. Browse the content on the Times' site.
  2. Go to LexisNexis
  3. Search for the desired articles by keyword -
  4. Enter your search terms in the Search for box, and enter New York Times in the by source title box.
  5. When the search results appear, change the Sort dropdown menu from Relevance to Newest to Oldest.

The content of each issue of the New York Times from 1985 to the present can be accessed in Academic OneFile, but this database lags one day behind the print/online New York Times.

The content of the New York Times from 1857 through 2009 can be accessed in Historical New York Times database.

All of these resources can be accessed from off-campus with an activated QCC OneCard ID. 

Washington Post free to .edu

The Washington Post started an online paywall system in June, but the organization now offers free digital access for federal employees, military personnel and students in higher education.

The new policy, which began last month, is an extension of the company’s original paywall plan, which provided access to people in government, the military, and education while at work or on campus. Now those readers can view the Web site anywhere at no cost by logging in with their .gov, .mil and .edu e-mail addresses.

Instructions for signing up are available on the Post’s registration page.

The Post paywall, technically known as a “metered subscription model,” limits all other non-paying readers to 20 free online articles — or other items — per month. After that, they have to subscribe using one of three options: check the current prices.

Access New York Times with CUNY eMail Address Video

New York Times Subscription Year Anniversary Renewal Information

After a year your New York Times CUNY Academic Pass will expire and the article counter will begin; after accessing 10 articles you will be prompted to subscribe or log-in. CUNY patrons should go to and sign in as an existing subscriber. 

Online Academic Pass Subscription to New York Times

New York Times Digital Edition (registration required)

CUNY offers an Academic Pass to the Digital New York Times to CUNY faculty, students and staff!

This is the edition of the newspaper you are used to seeing when you visit the New York Times web site, only now, through the CUNY subscription, you can view more articles than ever before. Here is all you need to do to get started using the “paper of record” in digital format.

Log in or register HERE.

Additional Information

 Sign up for access as a Queensborough Community College user:

  • Visit the NY Times web site at:, or click on the link above.
  • Register for an individual account using your email account ending with “”   
  • Follow the steps to confirm the NY Times account you have created once you have finished registering.
  • As soon as you create this NY Times account, you will have one year of access to the NY Times paid for through CUNY.  CUNY is likely to renew this subscription beyond the first year.

What if I already have my own subscription and account for the Digital New York Times?

If you already have a personal subscription to the digital NYT, here are your options:

  • If you already have an annual subscription, you can cancel it and the New York Times, Co. will issue a refund.  Contact the NYT customer service at 1-800-698-4637 directly to do this, or if you subscribed through iTunes, follow the instructions here. There may be other things you have to do, depending on the device you have been using to read the NY Times.  
  • If you already have a monthly subscription, the New York Times will not issue a refund for that month if you choose to cancel the individual subscription.
  • Regardless of the timeframe of your current individual subscription, you can cancel your account and open a new account in order to get free access through the academic pass.
  • If you decide to switch to an academic pass account and used a CUNY email when you set up a profile for your individual subscription, go back and change the email in that profile to a email address. This will free-up the CUNY email address and allow you to sign up for the CUNY academic pass to the NY Times.
  • If you registered for the NY Times before using a non-CUNY email, you can change the email in your account profile to your CUNY e-mail and this will give you access to the academic pass. 

Are there any limitations to using the academic pass?

  • Apps are available for using the academic pass on a mobile device.  Visit
  • The academic pass does not work with the iPad tablet app, but does work on iPad browsers.  
  • The academic pass does work on an iPhone.  
  • The academic pass limits the number of archives articles from 1923 to 1980 that can be downloaded.  For additional articles, you can use the CUNY subscription to the historical edition of the New York Times that can be accessed through theQueensborough Community College Library database list.

Having trouble?  

Find answers at the New York Times Education Pass troubleshooting guide