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Library Liaison Program: List of Library Liaisons

List of Library Liaisons by Department

Anthropology Prof. Neera Mohess 718-281-5067
Art & Design Prof. Madeline Ruggiero 718-281-5072
Biological Sciences & Geology Prof. Christine (Mi-Seon) Kim 718-281-5721
Business Prof. John Schriner 718-281-5116
CSTEP & Chemistry Prof. Christine (Mi-Seon) Kim 718-281-5721
College Now & Pre-College Prof. Vikki Terrile 718-631-6601
Communication, Theatre, & Media Production Prof. Bill Blick 718-281-5778
Criminal Justice Prof. John Schriner 718-281-5116
Economics Prof. Vikki C. Terrile 718-281-5711
Education Prof. John Schriner 718-281-5116
Engineering Technology Prof. Christine (Mi-Seon) Kim 718-281-5721
English Prof. Neera Mohess 718-281-5067
Foreign Languages Prof. Bill Blick 718-281-5778
Health, Physical Education & Dance Prof. Connie Williams 718-631-6567
High Impact Practices Prof. Leslie Ward 718-281-5795
History Prof. Leslie Ward 718-281-5795
Mathematics & Computer Science Prof. Christine (Mi-Seon) Kim 718-281-5721
Music Prof. Bill Blick 718-281-5778
Nursing Prof. Connie Williams 718-631-6567
Philosophy Prof. Leslie Ward 718-281-5795
Physics Prof. Christine (Mi-Seon) Kim 718-281-5721
Political Science Prof. Jeffrey Jia 718-281-5594
Psychology Prof. Madeline Ruggiero 718-281-5072
Sociology Prof. Vikki Terrile 718-281-5711

List of Library Liaisons by Academy

Business Prof. John Schriner 718-281-5116
Health Related Sciences Prof. Connie Williams 718-631-6567
Liberal Arts (including Education and Criminal Justice) Prof. John Schriner 718-281-5116
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Prof. Christine (Mi-Seon) Kim 718-281-5721
Visual and Performing Arts Prof. William Blick 718-281-5778