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Dance Resources: Resources for Dance 111

In this guide, you will find a wide range of credible resources for your research, as well as a list of sites to avoid. Other information include proper searches, evaluation of websites, databases, and books related to the subject of Dance.

Reliable Sources




Wikipedia is not a reliable resource for dance research in this class. The QCC library has access to many databases. A QCC librarian can help you learn to use databases and to research your particular or a general dance topic. There are many dance focused sites and blogs. The following are some of the most useful. Other information can be found by researching specific topics and dance styles.

Online Archives of dance materials:


Online sources of writing about dance:

These online journals, news sites, and blogs are some of the best for finding information about dance. Some are not current but are included for their archival value. A few were written by specific choreographers, these have been included because of the value of that choreographers writing on dance in general as well as their own work.


Arts Journal

Essay format on a wide range of arts.

Dance Beat is the dance section of Arts Journal written by award winning journalist and former dancer Deborah

Jowitt and

The Brooklyn Rail (search archives)

A good source for information on NYC and international choreographers at all stages of their career. Primarily reviews and interviews.

Critical Correspondence

Movement Research’s online journal. Primarily interviews with current choreographers.


Culturebot is focused on experiemental performance. Primarily articles, reviews, and interviews. Writers are well respected in the field.

The Dance Enthusiast

Focus on reviews of NYC dance. A digital magazine and service the site contains reviews by professional writers, audience members, artists and dance producers providing a wide range of information and thinking. It also provides listings about all things dance from performances, to auditions, to rehearsal space. Editor: Christine Jowers

Dance Magazine

Written for the dance industry, short, easy to read articles on a wide range of dance topics including: dancers, choreographers, history, dance styles.

Dance Teacher

Written for the dance teaching industry, short, easy to read articles on a wide range of dance topics including: dancers, choreographers, history, dance styles.

In Dance

Published by the San Francisco based dance advocacy organization, DancersGroup, this online journal contains articles about all things dance.


reviews from writers all over the country, links to websites and blogs

Dance Web

This site is searchable by choreographer name. It contains videos of their dances.


This can be useful for finding video and conversations with chreographers.

New York Times

            “Arts Beat”

            “Arts Beat” was curated by former NYT dance critic Claudia Lo Rocca. It is historically valuable. Lo

Rocca’s writing for the Times is also worth looking at.

Pointe Magazine

Focused on ballet.        

The Village Voice

Historically one of the most important sources on current dance, today the Village Voice’s archives are a rich source on choreographers and dance practices until it ceased publishing in 2018. Look particularly for Jill Johnston, Deborah Jowitt, and Elizabeth Zimmer.

For more by Deboarh Jowitt see Arts Journal above.

For more by Elizabeth Zimmer put her name into Google. She has written for the NYLA blog, Smithsonian Magazine, Dance Magazine, and the Dance Enhusiast among many other sites.

All Village Voice archives here…


Individual Blogs

Dancing Perfectly Free

2 young dance arts professionals writing about dance. Most useful is their links to other sites.

Eye On Dance

One of the longest existing and most reliable dance sites, Eye On Dance began as a video series with Celia Ipiotis.

Foot In Mouth

One of the first performing arts blogs, journalist Apollinaire Scherr’s writes from her wide ranging interests in all things dance and theater.

Infinite Body Art and Creative Consciousness

Eva Yaa Asantewaa, currently the Curatorial Director at Gibney dance, started this blog from her personal interest in dance. It is considered one of the most important sites for reviews and commentary on dance.

Tere O’Connor Dance/blog

O’Connor’s writing about dance in general, and his work in particular, is some of the most thoughtful and complete available. O’Connor is professor of dance at the University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana.