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Dance Resources: Dance Databases

In this guide, you will find a wide range of credible resources for your research, as well as a list of sites to avoid. Other information include proper searches, evaluation of websites, databases, and books related to the subject of Dance.


Search Tips

Below are search techniques to help you find relevant results when using the library databases. 

Identify Keywords
Create a list of keywords associated with your topic and keep them with you throughout the research process.

Write down your topic: Does viewing television encourage aggressive behavior in children?
Important words from your topic: television, aggressive, behavior, children.
Synonyms or other related words: television, TV, aggressive, fighting, hostile, angry, behavior, action, attitude, children, kids, tweens, teens, etc.

Now you have generated a useful list of keywords for finding resources!

Search terms:  television AND aggressive behavior AND children


Exact Phrase Searching
To look for an exact phrase, type your phrase within quotation marks ("  "). The results will contain the exact words in the quotation marks.

                     Example:  “attention deficit disorder”



Truncation to Expand Your Search
Using an asterisk (*) or question mark (?) at the end of a root word (known as truncation or stemming), allows you to retrieve results containing any form of the root word. 

                     Example: teen* will find teen, teens, teenage, teenager, teenagers

General Databases

Performing Arts Databases