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KHRCA Colloquia 2016-2017: Fleeing Genocide: Displacement, Exile, and the Refugee:
Teaching Resources


The information on this page is provided in an effort to promote multidisciplinary curricular alignment and to aid faculty in developing assignments or short units of study around one or more of the series program(s). Additional resources are listed on the program-specific pages.

Teaching Resources




  • Meantime [a graphic novel project initiated in March 2016 by French NGO Solidarites International (SOL).] Available here:
  • Shaun Tan, The Arrival (2007)  [A “wordless” graphic novel (cross listed with visual arts)]
  • Olumide Popoola and Annie Holmes, Breach (2016)           
  • Thanhaa Lai, Inside Out and Back Again (2011)
  • Miné Okubo, Citizen 13660, (1946)
  • Holocaust Poetry  Ed. Hilda Schiff
  • Philippe Claudel, Monsieur Linh and His Child (2005)  (translated by Euan Cameron)
  • Atka Reid & Hana Schofield, Goodbye Sarajevo (2011) 
  • Jeffery Harding, The Uninvited: Refugees at the Rich Man's Gate (2011)
  • Dave Eggers, What Is the What (2007)
  • Ben Rawlence, City of Thorns : Nine Lives in the World's Largest Refugee Camp (2016)
  • Naomi IIzuka, Anonymous (2006)
  • Against Forgetting: Twentieth Century Poetry of Witness, Ed. Carolyn Forché


W H Auden, “Refugee Blues

Naomi Shihab Nye, “The Traveling Onion”

Li-Young Lee, “The Cleaving”

Li-Young Lee, “Immigrant Blues”

Sherman Alexie, “Inside Dachau”

Warsan Shire, “Home”

Pos Moua, Where the Torches are Burning (collected poetry)                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Short Fiction

Bernard Melamud, “The German Refugee”

Martin Amis, “Oktober”

  • This American Life: Episode 592, “Are We There Yet?”

Show description: “A bunch of us from our show went to refugee camps all over Greece. We found people falling in love, kids mad at their parents for dragging them to Europe, women doing their laundry in a baseball stadium locker room, and hundreds of people living at a gas station—sitting next to the pumps, smoking. Also: wild pigs. 57,000 refugees are stuck in Greece, making homes in some surprising locations. We hear what that’s really like.”

Website shows interactive feature in which students can take a virtual tour of the camps.


  • This American Life: Episode 593, “Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee”

Show description: “We return to Greece with stories of people trying to move on with their lives in whatever way they can. We meet a couple who fell in love even though they weren't expecting anything like that to happen, and even though her family didn't approve. We also meet a shopkeeper in a camp who's running what amounts to a cigarette charity.”

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