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KHRCA Colloquia 2016-2017: Fleeing Genocide: Displacement, Exile, and the Refugee: Program 8. A Common Thread of Uncommon Courage, Part II:
Girlhood, Displacement, and Resistance during the Japanese Occupation


Program 8. A Common Thread of Uncommon Courage, Part II: Girlhood, Displacement, and Resistance during the Japanese Occupation

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 12:10-2:00, KHRCA

Dr. Kathleen Tamayo Alves, Assistant Professor of English, Queensborough Community College

Dr. Aliza Atik, Assistant Professor of English, Queensborough Community College

Dr. Benjamin Miller, Assistant Professor of English, Queensborough Community College

Prof. Alisa Cercone, Lecturer of English, Queensborough Community College

Description: Dr. Kathleen Tamayo Alves addresses displacement, victimhood, survival, and resistance through the girlhood narratives of her family’s flight from persecution during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, supplying the historical and cultural context of World War II in Asia. This program will immediately be followed by a student and faculty roundtable diacussion.


Kathleen Tamayo Alves is Assistant Professor of English at Queensborough Community College of The City University of New York where she teaches literature and composition. Her research centers on eighteenth-century literature and culture, biopolitics, and literary history. She has published and presented portions of her book-length project, Body Language: Medicine and the Eighteenth-Century Comic Novel, which explains how medicine shaped and is shaped by comic language through fictional dramatizations of female-specific medical phenomena, such as menstruation, hysteria, and pregnancy.

Aliza Atik is an Assistant Professor of English at Queensborough Community College. She received her PhD from Stony Brook University in 2013 where she won several awards for her scholarship, including an Andrew W. Mellon dissertation fellowship. Dr. Atik’s research interests include Victorian studies, Jewish literature, and Arab/Israeli literature. She gave a talk about Sahar Khalifeh’s Wild Thorns at the 2012 MLA national conference, and her article, “Calibrating the Female Body: Shame, Disgust, and the Recuperative Gaze in Amos Gitai's Kadosh,” was published in Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies, in 2014. She also works as an Assistant Editor for the peer reviewed and MLA indexed journal Victorian Literature and Culture.

During her time at Queensborough Community College Dr. Atik has integrated her courses into the 2013-2014, 2014-2015, and the 2015-2016 NEH Challenge Grants. In 2015 she collaborated with two colleagues to create an interdisciplinary project incorporating literature, composition, and choreography. This project had students examine genocide, biopower, and surveillance in the public sphere through literature, dance, and personal narrative. She and her colleagues have together given talks on this effort and its impact at such conferences as Writing as Translation: University of Connecticut’s Tenth Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing (March 2015), CUNY’s Best Practices in Academic Technology (September 2015), and Transitions and Transactions III: Literature and Journalism Pedagogies in Community Colleges Today (April 2016).

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