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Art & Design: MLA Style

MLA Handbook for Researchers 7th Edition

Purdue OWL - MLA

MLA Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the MLA Guide

This guide is designed to offer assistance with using MLA citation style. The Modern Language Association (MLA) citation style guide is commonly used for avoiding plagiarism in research papers. It is important to cite the information that you use during your research. No matter where you find the information, from a book, journal, magazine, newspaper, interview or the internet, you must give the author credit for using his or her work and ideas. Remember: When in doubt, cite!

For additional assistance, please see a librarian at the reference desk. 


QCC MLA Handbook

The Library's MLA Citation Style In Brief is a printable handbook that you use to assist with correcting formatting citations. A print copy can also be obtained at the reference desk.

MLA Self Guided BASICS Tutorial