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KHC/NEH 2014-2015 Colloquium: Testimony across the Disciplines: Cultural and Artistic Responses to Genocide: AR 803 - Prof. Jung Joon Lee

Testimony across the Disciplines: Cultural and Artistic Responses to Genocide

Course Readings - AR 803 - Prof. Lee



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AR 803 Art Curating

Students enrolled in AR 803 Art Curating will explore various issues in exhibiting the Holocaust and develop their own exhibition proposals under the supervision of Professor Jung Joon Lee.

Course documents - AR 803 - Prof. Lee

Curating COTTON: Global Threads

"Curator Dr Jennifer Harris introduces the work of Abdoulaye Konaté featured in COTTON: Global Threads. This Malian artist works with cotton to tackle themes of genocide with beauty and sensitivity, referencing traditional techniques with powerful sociopolitical messages."