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Students Working in Interdisciplinary Groups (SWIG): Publishing Your Work

A guide for faculty and students working on SWIG projects

Academic Publishing at QCC

Finding a Suitable Journal

Choosing the right journal to publish your work is very important. Your work should be in line with the theme of the journal for the best chance of being accepted. You will also need to understand the journals submission guidelines so that your article best fits with the goals of the journal. To do this, you can research journals from some of the largest publishers in the list below. If you are unable to locate a journal that best suits your work, do not hesitate to contact a librarian.

Browse the QCC Library list of journals  by subject to locate journals to publish with that can then be accessed by your students. If you would like to know more about open access journals, choose "open access" from the drop down menu.

Manage Your Copyrights

"Columbia University Copyright Advisory Office Director Kenny Crews urges authors to carefully read their publication agreements, negotiate for the rights they need, and keep a copy of all their agreements." (from video description)