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ENGL101/102/206 Prof. Dolan: Home

Create a New York Times account

1. Go to the QCC library Homepage:

2. Hover mouse cursor over “Articles & Databases.”

3. Click on “All Databases by Title (A-Z)” under “Articles & Databases.”

4. Scroll down until you see “Newspapers, Journals, and Magazines,” and click on “New York Times Academic Pass.”

5. Create an account. You MUST use your CUNY Office 365 Student email address.

6. Log onto your Office 365 student email and you will see the confirmation email from NYT. Confirm your account by clicking on the URL.

7. Download the free New York Times mobile app on your smart phone.

Tigermail Is Your Friend


To print or make copies on campus, you need to know:

  • your Tiger ID username


  • your Tiger ID password.

To activate your account or to reset your password, please visit the Tiger ID activation page and activate your account.

Activate My Account screenshot

Tiger ID is different from your Office 365 student email address.  More info about your email here.

OneCard to Rule Them All

Your TIGERCARD ID is ESSENTIAL to getting things done on campus and

should be CARRIED WITH YOU at all times.

With your TIGERCARD, you can:

  • print in the Library and Academic Computing Center
  • make copies in the Library
  • check out textbooks & laptops to use in the Library

IMPORTANT: QCC Library provides access to the library databases using your CUNY Login (firstname.lastname##) and your CUNY Login password.  This is the same password as your CUNY First. No Tigercard or library barcode is required!