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ENG 101 Prof Emanuele1: Topics in Higher Education

Research Assignment: Educational Experiences

Broad Topics in Higher education

College admissions process

■ College athletics

■ Cost of college

■ For-profit colleges

■ Online education (distance education)

■ Student loans (student debt)

■ Role of fraternities & sororities on college campuses

■ Time it takes to get a college degree

■ Veterans and education …

Get Ideas and Background Info by Browsing Topics

First Get a Working Knowledge


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First Step: Get a Working Knowledge “You have a working knowledge of a topic when you can talk about it for one minute without repeating yourself.” --(Research Strategies, Badke, 2008, p.21)

■ Read material that will give you a broader picture of the topic.

■ Ask Who? What? When? Where? Why?