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ENG 101 Prof Emanuele1: Remote Accessing to the Library Homepage

Research Assignment: Educational Experiences

Tutorial on How tom Access Databases from Home

Use Your CUNY ID and Password to Gain Access

Q. How do I activate my card for off-campus access to databases?

Update:  no Tigercard or barcode is required!



QCC Library now provides access to the library databases using your CUNY Login (firstname.lastname##) and your CUNY Login password.  This is the same password as your CUNY First. No Tigercard or library barcode is required!

You will be prompted to enter your CUNY Login in OneSearch when you click to open an article or ebook.

If you want to search a particular database in the A to Z, you will be prompted for your CUNY Login once you choose a database.

What If I forgot My Password?

  • Go to the Library Homepage  and Click on the drop down arrow next to Login in the upper right hand corner.
  • Select Tiger ID Password Reset