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Multimedia Resources: Welcome

Can I Use It? Yes You Can!

In your courses, you are free to use . . .

  • Your own stuff: If you have photos that you've taken, your own song that you've recorded, a video that you've made, you can use these, of course. If you have photos of people (friends, family, strangers), you may need their permission to use the image.

  • Material in the public domain: Works in the public domain are not subject to copyright laws and may be freely used. Most government documents and other materials are in the public domain, as are Items for which the copyright has expired. For helping determining if an item is in the public domain, visit Cornell's Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States.

  • Material you have permission to use: The creator/copyright holder has given permission through a license, such as Creative Commons, or you have written to and received permission from the creator/copyright holder to use the material. You may also use material licensed by the Library (e.g., providing links to articles and other documents in the Library databases).

  • Material whose use you believe falls under fair use: If after doing a fair use analysis, you believe your use of the material falls under fair use, you may choose to use the material. For more on copyright and fair use, including guiding questions for a fair use analysis, visit the Library's Copyright & Fair Use webpages.