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KHC/NEH 2014-2015 Colloquium: Testimony across the Disciplines: Cultural and Artistic Responses to Genocide: BE 122 - Prof. Jilani Warsi

Testimony across the Disciplines: Cultural and Artistic Responses to Genocide

Empathy, Presentation by Prof. Tony Monahan

Professor Monahan of the QCC Health, Physical Education and Dance Department gives a lecture on the subject of empathy, with Q & A session after the lecture.

According to Confucian humanism, everyone wants to be a good person. One becomes a good person by constantly wanting to become a better person. This lecture explores the human possibility of becoming a better person by feeling the joy and suffering of others.

Redefining and Clarifying the Definition of Genocide

In these brief videos, "[f]ormer Director of the Office of Special Investigations, in the Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice, Allan Ryan, critiques the current definition of genocide, as framed by the UN Genocide Convention, and suggests an alternative that is better suited for matters of international law, such as bringing perpetrators of genocide to trial in international court."