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KHC/NEH 2014-2015 Colloquium: Testimony across the Disciplines: Cultural and Artistic Responses to Genocide: DAN 251 - Prof. Aviva Geismar

Testimony across the Disciplines: Cultural and Artistic Responses to Genocide

"All Fall Down"

Password for video: Sample2

"All Fall Down" (2004) is an absurdist exploration of group dynamics. Four dancers compete for power and attention through stomping rhythmical rifts and baroque feminine gestures. Self-display becomes a weapon in the struggle for alliance, and their play veers dangerously out of control. The work highlights Geismar's interest in the interface between the grotesque and the comic aspects of human behavior. Choreography by Aviva Geismar. Music by Annabelle Chvostek. Performance by Emily Bunning, Angharad Davies, Sarah Lewis and Gina Paolillo. All rights reserved.

DAN 251 Theory and Practice of Modern Dance

Professor Aviva Geismar will mentor dance students enrolled in "Theory and Practice of Modern Dance" in the creation of their own dance works related to the Holocaust. In creating works on this subject, Geismar's students will be participating in a SWIG (Students Working in Interdisciplinary Groups) project with students in Professor Aliza Atik's English 101 class. Students in Professor Benjamin Miller's English 102 class will document the project. Geismar's students will also have the option of using a portion of a musical composition by Professor Bjorn Berkhout to accompany their works.

Course Documents - DAN 251 - Prof. Geismar