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Common Read --To Kill a Mockingbird: Common Read


An excellent movie version of the novel was produced in black and white in 1962. It won three academy awards.   Gregory Peck as  Atticus Finch won for best actor; Horton Foote won  for writing the screenplay adaptation.



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Although To Kill a Mockingbird was written in the 1950's and takes place in the 1930's, it shows us universal truths about the human condition that are as true today as they were in the past.  We see the need for human connections, and how people are not always what they appear to be.  It also exemplifies the horrors ofprejudice, against a race and against individuals, the  joys of childhood, disillusionment of growing up, mistakes in education and government, and how one person can make a difference.    

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This resource contains an excellent overview and critical analysis of the novel.