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The Road of Lost Innocence

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Human Rights Website

The students of  Professors Jennifer Maloy and Cheryl Comeau-Kirschner  have created a wonderful  resource on Human Rights.  It includes a copy of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, many links to HR websites, and, most importantly, essays that the students composed about a variety of human rights violations.



Welcome to the Common Read research guide, focusing on  The  Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam. We invite you to view the available resources at this site. This Guide will help you to find books to check out, licensed articles and online resources. It will also provide information about our Library, as well as upcoming events and activities. We are here to help you and are always ready to provide assistance online, by telephone or in person at the Reference Desk. You may contact me for help via the email or phone number on the right of the page.

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