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welcome to the library

Welcome to the library. This libguide is designed to help you find evidence to support the topic of your persuasive speech. I know that public speaking is sometimes frightening. Some sources say that 1 in 5 Americans fear public speaking so you if you are nervious know that you are not alone. Hopefullly, this guide will provide access to all the resources that you need to prepare a fantastic speech. On the subsequent pages of this guide you will find information on how to access books, journals, newspapers, and more. All the information found on this guide is avaialble to you both on campus and away from campus. Just remember to active your barcode (every semester). If you have additional questions or need further assistance, feel free to email me directly:


Persuasive Speech

Public Speaking

“Live an active life among people who are doing worthwhile things, keep eyes and ears and mind and heart open to absorb truth, and then tell of the things you know, as if you know them. The world will listen, for the world loves nothing so much as real life."- Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People