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EN101 Prof. Alves: Using the Library

This guide will help you find information for your research paper on The Innocence Project

TigerCard - QCC ID Card

Your QCC TigerCard will allow you to:   

  • Borrow books from QCC & most CUNY college libraries.
  • Access the QCC Reserve collection.
  • Use CLICS and interlibrary loan service.
  • Access the Database Collection from an off campus computer.
  • Allow you to print - you must use you TigerCard the first time the first time you send a print job to the printer.
  • You can load money to your TigerCard to pay for copies, parking and dining.  
  • There are two machines to add money to your Tiger Card in the library. 
  • Go to room LB 23 in the Library Basement to get an ID.

Welcome To Your Library!

Contact Us

Using the library can be overwhelming. So many information sources, so little time! It's often difficult knowing where to start or finding what you need. Librarians are here to help you navigate the information sea. Get in touch:

  • In-Person: 2nd or 3rd Floor Reference Desk in the Library
  • Phone A Librarian: 718-631-6241
  • Text a Librarian: 718-701-8021
  • AIM:
  • Gtalk: askarefqcc1

Deputy Chief Librarian / Faculty Outreach

Devin McKay's picture
Devin McKay
Office phone: 718 281 5032

Library - L223