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CH115 Prof. Hemraj-Benny: SciFinder


SciFinder is six CAS databases and MEDLINE. 

  • Keywords, References & Abstracts (CApus) - Chemical Abstracts which indexes and abstracts journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, and patents
  • Chemical Substance (CAS REGISTRY) - Search by chemical structure, chemical name, and CAS Registry Number
  • Reactions (CASREACT) - Reaction searching
  • Chemical Suppliers (CHEMCATS) - Commercial sources: 600 suppliers & 700 catalogs
  • Regulated Chemicals (CHEMLIST) - Regulated chemical listings for the U.S. and other countries
  • MARKUSH - MARPAT:structures from 417,000 patents covered by CAS from 1988 to date
  • MEDLINE -- National Library of Medicine database

Mobile SciFinder

  (There is limited functionality: no links to full-text and property information is limited.)

  • You can access SciFinder off campus via mobile devices.
  • It does not require IP authentication.
  • Just go to on your mobile device

SciFinder Tutorials provided by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)

General Tutorial

Specific Tutorials

  • For specific tutorials, go to CAS Training site: Click here.

CAplus Core Journal List