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EN101 Prof. Abbott: Welcome

Welcome To Your Library!

TigerCard - QCC ID Card

Your QCC TigerCard will allow you to:   

  • Borrow books from QCC & most CUNY college libraries.
  • Access the QCC Reserve collection.
  • Use CLICS and interlibrary loan service.
  • Access the Database Collection from an off campus computer.
  • Allow you to print - you must use you TigerCard the first time the first time you send a print job to the printer.
  • You can load money to your TigerCard to pay for copies, parking and dining.  
  • There are two machines to add money to your Tiger Card in the library. 
  • Go to room LB 23 in the Library Basement to get an ID.

Deputy Chief Librarian / Faculty Outreach

Devin McKay's picture
Devin McKay
Office phone: 718 281 5032

Library - L223