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Research 101: The Research Process Blackboard Course

Research Process Course Description

The Kurt R. Schmeller Library is pleased to offer “The Research Process” Self-Enroll Blackboard Course. In this course students will learn how to:

1.      Conceptualize and refine an initial broad topic into specific keywords (UNIT 1)

2.      Learn what makes a source credible, and understand the differences between different types of information (UNIT 2)

3.      Locate credible information on the web and cite it (UNIT 3)

4.      Locate credible information in the QCC Library (OneSearch and databases) and cite it (UNIT 4)

Once added, students can refer back to the course as new research projects arise. 

PLEASE NOTE: The MLA web and library citation videos will be updated to MLA 9 in the Spring 2022 semester.

Self-Enroll Instructions Here: