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ENGL101 - Prof. Yi - Research Guide

Using This Research Guide

Dear ENGL101 student - 

You have an ENGL101 research project to complete. At first, this may feel scary and overwhelming. However if you divide any big task into to a sequence of smaller tasks, the project can start to feel more manageable and more satisfying. 

This guide breaks the ENGL101 research project down into a series of six steps, which we have called The Research Process. As the graphic below illustrates, these steps start with understanding the assignment and end with presenting your ideasWorking through this process step-by-step will support you in successfully completing the research project.

Each tab along the left margin corresponds to one of the six steps; and each tab includes both a micro-lecture and a quiz.

Please complete each step by its posted due date. These six quizzes are worth 12% of your final grade and cannot be submitted after the due date. Let us know if you have any questions.

Prof. John Yi (

Prof. Susan Wengler (