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BE112 Prof. Hock & BE226 Prof. Carroll: How to Get Started

Review "Presidential Debate Project" Assignment

Two 30-minute debates
–Clinton Team vs. Trump Team on topic of economics
–Clinton Team vs. Trump Team on topic of immigration
Debate research
–Locate "four appropriate articles" using “the College Library’s database system”
     -Articles which “provide strong arguments both in favor and against the selected debate topics"
     -Articles which “have enough detailed information that clearly supports the main arguments on each side”
–Work Sheets for Arguments
     -Use evidence from articles to develop your teams’ arguments AND predict opposition arguments
Debate deliverables - Due Wednesday, November 2, 2016
–Participate in 30-minute debate per “Time Frame” handout
–Submit written one-page summary of EACH article plus “Works Cited” page

Subject Guide

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Susan Wengler
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