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Information Literacy @ CUNY

Information Literacy at QCC

The American Library Association (ALA) defines Information Literacy as a person's ability to recognize when information is needed, locate, evaluate, and effectively use said information.  Since the increased use of the World Wide Web for information and the continued globalization of industry and education this skill has been embraced as a part of the college learning experience and holds implications for student testing and college accreditation.

Information Literacy is a popular way for faculty and librarians to collaborate inside and outside of the classroom. Popular collaborations include co-teaching courses, embedded librarians, creating tutorials, and library instruction. If you would like to find out more about the library and information literacy or to request library instruction, please contact:

  • Susan Wengler, Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Information Literacy
  •, (718) 281-5010


  • Neera Mohess, Assistant Professor, Reference & Instruction / Interlibrary Loan, (718) 281-5067

To request an information literacy session for your course, you can also fill out the online form or Word document linked below.

Embedded Librarian Program

Purpose: For Faculty who will be assigning their students numerous writing, or project/group oriented research assignments for their courses.  An Embedded Librarian will work with your students throughout the semester.

Requirements: Students will attend a Library Information Literacy Class or Classes over the course of the semester. Dates to be determined at the time of class scheduling. Two sessions are recommended.

Embedded Librarian Availability: All students will receive the name, e-mail address, and telephone number of their Embedded Librarian, via blackboard, etc. Students will meet their Librarian during the first Library Information Literacy Session. Students will be able to make appointments with the Librarian for one-on-one sessions.

Overview of Research Services for Student to Achieve Research Competency:

  • Defines an appropriate topic of inquiry, research question, thesis, or problem that can be learned about answered, proved, or solved through research-based inquiry;
  • Locates information to learn about a topic of inquiry, answer a research question, prove a thesis, or solve a problem;
  • Evaluates the information located about a topic of inquiry;
  • Synthesizes information needed to learn about a topic of inquiry;
  • Distinguishes and recognizes the relationship between original thinking and ideas derived from outside sources;
  • Follows coherent and appropriate format/style for paper/speech documentation.

Additionally, students can contact the Library at any time in person, via chat, SMS, or phone whenever the Library is open and certain services are available.

If you have questions or wish to schedule classes, please contact Susan Wengler, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Information Literacy at or 718/281-5010

Information Literacy

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Susan Wengler
Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Information Literacy
The Kurt R. Schmeller Library
Queensborough Community College, The City University of New York

Information Literacy