Library Newsletter Contests: Photo Contest


The QCC Library initiated a student photo contest in spring 2014. The contest will be held annually during the fall, beginning in fall 2014.

We would like to thank our judges for the spring 2014 contest, Professors Bob Rogers and Jules Allen. 

The Spring 2014 winners are:

Miranda Barnes, winner

Robert Williams, 1st runner up

Tad Wright, 2nd runner up

Spring 2014 Photo Contest Winner

2014 QCC Library Photo Contest Winner Miranda Barnes

UNTITLED by Miranda Barnes

The winner of the QCC Library’s inaugural student photo contest is Miranda Barnes, a 19-year-old QCC student who took up photography as a hobby and now hopes to incorporate it in her future career. Ms. Barnes, who is from Long Island, is a liberal arts major planning to transfer to a four-year school in 2015. This photo was published in the spring 2014 issue of The Library Scene.

Spring 2014 Photo Contest 1st Runner Up


Mr. Williams is a 19-year-old criminal justice major from Queens who started photography as a hobby during his senior year of high school. It has stuck with him ever since, and he likes to travel around the city capturing everything the city has to offer with his Nikon d3200.

Spring 2014 Photo Contest 2nd Runner Up

UNTITLED by Tad Wright

Mr. Wright is a visual and performing arts student at QCC. Mr. Wright states: "I also go by "BUUVINCHI", which is my stage name. I am a HIP-HOP artist out of Queens, NY. I have a hidden love for film and photography. I take a lot of my photos with my iphone when my Cannon t2i isn't available. There are so many cool editing apps on the phone that can make photos look really dope. I am inspired by NYC culture—I love being from NYC, and I think it is the greatest city in the world."